El futur de la garantia hipotecària: participacions hipotecàries i titularització.

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The aim of the study entitled "The future of mortgage guarantee: mortgage shares and securities" is to carry out an analysis of the problems involved in the possibility of mobilising loans with a mortgage guarantee through the so-called "Mortgage security funds", regulated under Law 19/1992, dated 07/07, on Companies and Mortgage Securities Funds, which comprise mortgage shares of mortgage loans fulfilling the conditions established under Law 2/1981 of 25th March, regulating the mortgages market and Royal Decree 685/1982 of 17/03, modified by Royal Decree 1289/1991 of 2nd August. The project consists of three clearly differentiated parts. The first will establish the requirements imposed on loans with mortgage security in order for them to be mobilised through the securities process, analysing loan, mortgage and mortgaged asset. The second part, after an analysis of mortgage securities,
Effective start/end date1/07/951/07/97


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