El franquisme a Catalunya. Institucions, organitzacions i personal polític

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The objective of this researching project is that of studying the institutions and politicians in Catalonia during Franco's Regime. This objective implies different exploration fields. Firstly, it will analyse both the role assigned and the one really played by the "Capitania General", the Civil Governments, the provincial and city councils and the other most relevant central and local institutions, during the more than 35 years the dictatorship lasted. Secondly, this research aims at analysing the characteristics, functions and actions of the political organizations in Catalonia created by the new Regime: FET-JONS, the Feminine Section, The Youth Front, Spanish University Syndicate and the Spanish Syndic Organization. In both fields will policians be analysed in detail, paying attention to all relevant characteristics. Simultaneously will politicians from Catalan origin who belonged to the central state institutions be studied. It is most important to the project the creation of an investigating-supporting tool that allows ordering in a centralized system, which manages the whole of the bibliographical documentary, institutional and biographical information. This database will allow the elaboration of a general study of the subject, as well as the creation of an institutional and biographic dictionary of francoism in Catalonia and the creation of a controlled vocabulary of specific terminology on the subject, which will be available to all researchers.
Effective start/end date12/12/0311/12/06


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