El dominio teórico transcultural de la procreación. Concepciónde la persona, control de la sexualidad, organización de la reproducción, crianza y configuración de modelos

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This work seeks to fulfill a research in the domain of cultural anthropology which started in 1983 and has been completed in several stages. The current aim is to reach for an alternative to the etnocentric burden of Kinship Antrhopology. According to this, the work to be done needs to (1) define a cross-cultural theoretical domain which basic aspects deal with personhood, sexuality regulation, biological organizationof reproduction, child nurturing, and the internalization of psychological and cultural patterns, cithout assuming as universal neither marriage nor fanily or kinship understood as cultural constructions of consanguinity and affinity relationships. (2) Seek for trascultural theoretical structures within this domain, which shall not necessarily become of hologeistic scope. (3) To test the fertility of such domain, the ferility of the provisional theories and of the conceptual tools developed in order to be applied to ethnographic data collected from three field research which are currently being developed among Australian aborigines, middle class natives in Barcelona and West African immigrants in Catalonia, plus a previous research among the Ndowé from Equatorial Guinea, and to compare this theoretical proposal with others which engendered-among kinship antrhropologists- the critics of Leach, Needham, Schneider and Geffray.
Effective start/end date19/12/0019/12/03


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