El concepte de conseqüència lògica i les teories del raonament a IA i psicologia cognitiva

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The aims of the project are: a) to formulate a concept of correct inference which would in some way modify and extend the standard semantic concept based on the logical concept of structure and model. It is anticipated that this will be done in two directions: on the one hand, separating the concept of the fixation of a linguistic system of representation; on the other, attempting to obtain an idea of which transitions in a given inference are "compulsory"; b) to argue the correct link between semantics and logic, on the one hand, and systems of AI based on knowledge (which simulate common reasoning with interferences by defect and not monotonic) and models of explicit inference or of comprehension of texts of cognitive psychology on the other. To achieve this, it will be necessary in particular to critically evaluate, from a conceptual rather than technical point of view, proposals conc
Effective start/end date26/09/9126/09/94


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