El caràcter composicional de la informació linguística i els processos d'interpretació de les unitats complexes. Un estudi comparatiu espanyol-català

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The general goal of this project is to improve the description of Spanish and Catalan. The project will concentrate on the contrastive aspects and the phenomena that affect the interface between syntax, phonology, morphology and semantics, an approach that can benefit from the confluence of different but complementary views. Two main lines will be followed: (a) in syntax, the traditional concept of predication will be reconsidered, wich implies, in addition, that the semantic boundaries between predication and modification, as well as between optional complements and modifiersm, will have to be established; (b) in phonology, the interaction between phonological phenomena and prosodic domains will be studied, thereby improvving the description of Spanish and Catalan phonology. Some modifications to prosodic theory will be incorporated if necessary.
Effective start/end date1/10/971/10/00


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