Efectes de l'administració de nicotina en el sèptum medial sobre la inhibició conductual i el ritme theta hipocàmbic en rates alcohòliques

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We propose to study the relationship between septihippocampus cholinergic pathways, hippocampus theta rhythm and behavioral inhibition in alcoholic rats. For this purpose, we will obtain voluntary alcohol drinker rats (early primary alcoholism model). Using the surgical stereotaxic procedure, a microinjection cannula will be implanted in the medial septum, and a recorder electrode will be implanted in the hippocampus (CA1). The behavioral inhibition will be evaluated using three different tests: simple extinction, extinction of a discrimination schedule and two stimuli tests. Moreover, the alcohol withdrawal and the alcohol+nicotine withdrawal will be evaluated. Also, blood ethanol levels will be tested in different moments throughout the study.
Effective start/end date27/06/9427/07/97


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