Efectes de la Mecamilamina i la Nicotina Intraseptal en la Inhibició Conductual en Rates Alcohòliques

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This prohect is aimed to study the relation between the cholinergic function of nicotinic type, and the ethanol effets in chronically drinking rats, wich receive a dose of nicotine on the medial \i septum\i0 (10 nanomols). We will obtain the dose-response curve of cholinergic antagonist medamylamine, for the motricity and the ethanol consumption. In a second experiment, we will evaluate the effets of mecamylamine in several inhibition test that are affected by the ethanol. In both experiments, we will stydy the evolution of tolerance, assesed by a psychomotoric test and the righting reflex. We will perform determinations of the blood ethanol levels across the experimentals and, at the end, ethanol withdrawal will be evaluated.
Effective start/end date1/05/971/05/00


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