Efecte sobre la fermentació microbiana a l'intestí gruixut del porc sobre la digestió, absorció i utilització de nutrients: comparació sobre el porc blanc i l'ibèric

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Better standard quality of iberian meat products over comercial white breeds rely on the sort and amount of lipid store and mainly their degree of muscular infiltration ("marbling"). Even though genetic is the main involved factor, environment and husbandry conditions have a significant influence too. Using both kind of pigs as a model and the slaughtering live wheight as an experimental factor, this proyects aims to study the relationhips between the sort of carbohidrates included in the diet (digestible starch \i vs\i0 partialy fermentable non starch) and the degree of gut development, the evolution of nutrient digestibility coeficients, the kind of absorbed nutrients and the amount, distribution and caracteristics of deposed fat. Furthermore the proyect will quantify the short chain fatty acids production and absortion in the hindgut and their contribution to fat syntesis in the tissues. The results properly applied to the pig production and feeding system will collaborate to improve the final quality of the product, helping to support the competitivity of pigmeat production.
Effective start/end date1/09/981/09/01


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