Efecte immunomodulador d'antígens de Mycobacterium vaccae en esplenocits de ratolins infectats amb Mycobacterium tuberculosi i en cèl·lules mononuclears de malalts tuberculosos

  • Luquin Fernandez, Marina de la Milagrosa (Principal Investigator)
  • Cama Llordés, Isabel (Scholar)
  • Julian Gomez, Esther (Investigator)
  • Corominas Sánchez, Mercè (Collaborator)
  • Rufí Rigau, Gabriel (Collaborator)
  • Astola Vargas, Josep (Researcher on contract)

Project Details


Mycobacterium vaccae is a saprophytic microorganism which is present in the soil. Its rough strain has been used as a immune response stimulator in pulmonary TB patients. Good results have been obtained. M. vaccae is able to trigger the production of Th1 type citokines which are necessary for the tuberculosis control. In a previous project, we observed that delipidated cell wall extract from M. vaccae and the cell wall free lipids stimulated the proliferation of splenocities cultures from M. vaccae immunized mice. The delipidated cell wall produced more prolifretion than free lipids. The objective is to identify the components from M. vaccae that stimulate the production of Th1 type cytokines, which are necessary for the tuberculosis control
Effective start/end date1/12/021/12/05


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