Efecte dels lípids en l'alimentació d'oví lleter sobre la qualitat formatgera de la llet i la ingestió de la ració

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    Addition of supplement fat, especially with low rumianal degradability, has become common in feeding dairy ewes. However, there is a lack of information on use of alternative lipid sources, and on strategies for lipid supplementation through the production cycle. Moreover, several asxpects of feeding fat to dairy ewes (as effects on dry matter intake, milk fatty acids and characteristics of milk for cheese production) have not been studied yet. The main objectives of this project are: 1) To study the effects of different feeding strategies on productive and metabolic parameters, and on milk composition, and 2) To study the effects of using different fat sources (calcium soaps, and sunflower and cotton seeds) on dry matter intake, milk production and cheese making characteristics of milk. Response of two different breeds (Manchega and Laucane) will be compared. Results of this work may be useful to give practical recomendations on lipid nutrition and to asses the nutritional quality for human consumption of milk produced.
    Effective start/end date1/08/971/08/99


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