Efecte dels enzims fibrolítics en l'alimentació d'ovelles i cabres lleteres i la seva interacció amb els components de la ració

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Exogenous enzymes are used to improve the nutritive value of feeds for non-rumiant animals and as silage additives for ruminants. However, enzymes are not used routinely in adult rumiant diets as it is generally assumed that these proteins would be rapidly degraded by rumen microbes. A number of studies recntly showed that fibrolytic enzymes improved cattle performance, but no improvement was observed in other studies. Apparently, the inconsistent results from those studies can be attributes to a number of factors, including type of enzyme preparation, amount of enzyme provided, diet composition, etc.. On the other hand, there is no information on the use of fibrolytic enzymes in diets of small rumiants. The objectives of this project are:1) To compare the effects of different fibrolytic enzymes and doses on fiber digestibility and to study the effects of feeding fibrolytic enzymes to dairy ewes and goats on digestive parameters and milk production and composition.2) To evaluate the effects of fibrolytic enzymes on fiber digestion and milk production and composition of dairy ewes in suboptimal ruminal fermentation conditions, studying the interaction between fybrolytic enzimes and supplemental fat
Effective start/end date28/12/0127/12/04


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