Efecte de la utilització de "greixos formulats" en pinsos sobre el perfil de la canal i dels productes derivats del porc: valoració nutricional i tecnologia

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    The main object of this project is to make some contribution to an improvement of the quality of pork fats, based on race selection and feeding control principles. We would study the digestibility of different fat materials (previously standardized) in order to know genetic ability of 4 races to modify his body fat composition and content. We would study animal production parameters and fat characteristics of Landrace, Large white, Duroc and Iberic races. Then we would experience the effect of feed with a supplement of "formulated fat" on the carcass quality and body fats composition. This assay will be carried out on the race that show greater ability to change fat in the preceding assay. We would analyze fat characteristics of the main muscular and fatty anatomical parts used in cured pork products and then we will manufacture three different series of these products ("salchichón") con
    Effective start/end date30/07/9130/07/94

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    • Sense entitat (lead)


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