Efecte de la suplementació enzimàtica en dietes per a garrins

  • Baucells Sánchez, María Dolores (Principal Investigator)
  • Barroeta Lajusticia, Ana Cristina (Investigator)
  • Brufau Barberà, Joaquim (Investigator)
  • Mascarrell Casulleras, Josep (Investigator)
  • Pérez Vendrell, Anna Mº (Investigator)

    Project Details


    Enzyme supplementation of animals feeds has been widely investigate. Given the capacity of enzymes to act on specific substrates, our interest is centred on the evaluation of the effects of enzyme supplementation (amylase, gluconase) on several raw materials commonly used in monogastrics feeding (wheat, maize, barley). Some of these ingredients contain significant amounts of B-glucans which are known to escape digestion, and which, through the use of the appropiate enzymes could be properly hydrolysed and digested. This project is splitted in two main research steps; first of all, an "in vitro" study of the different analytical parameters which define the degradation of soluble polysaccharides and gel -forming capacity. The effectiveness of these enzyme products will also be proven "in vivo" in a second step, being added to diets of early-weaned pigs
    Effective start/end date1/04/9031/03/91


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