Efecte de la suplementació d'antioxidants naturals al pinso de les aus vers l'oxidació lipídica de la canal

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    The stability of lipids in foods is not only important from a sensorial functional and nutritional standpoint but is also implicated in the etiology of artherosclerosis. It is important to determine the efficicacy of natural compounds as antioxidants in dark poultry muscle and other foods where lipid oxidation proceeds rapidly with the finality to present shelf stable poultry products without artificial additives to consumer. In this work, we hypothesized that carotenoids, like x-tocopherol, could be fed to poultry and would carry through as effective antioxidants in ground muscle tissue. We will study the effectiveness of structurally different carotenoids, carotene and canthaxanthin, then to compare to that of x-tocopherol
    Effective start/end date1/04/9131/03/92


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