Educating the European Public for Biotechnology - EURO BIOTECH EDUCATION

  • Lemkow Zetterling, Louis (Principal Investigator)
  • Alexandre Quintanilha (Investigator)
  • BOSMA, J.J. (Investigator)
  • DEMPSEY, Rhona (Investigator)
  • George Sakellaris (Investigator)
  • Hermann Katinger (Investigator)
  • Ian Mellanby (Investigator)
  • KIRPALANI, Bal (Investigator)
  • Leonardo Santi (Investigator)
  • SAEDLER, Heinz (Investigator)
  • SOLLAMO, Raija (Investigator)
  • WESTLAKE, David J. (Investigator)
  • WIKDAHL, Magnus (Investigator)


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Earth and Planetary Sciences

Social Sciences

Computer Science