Educación Matemática y Contexto

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Our project focusses on the study of the diversity of interpretations of the socio-mathematical norm and the norm of the mathematical practice in multicultural classrooms. The project aims to: 1. Identify and interpret different external manifestatioins of the cultural conflict related to the different meanings endowed to the norms that regulate the dynamics of the mathematics classroom. 2. Analyze the teacher's role as beign a mediator in the co-construction of meanings.3. Identify, experiment with and analyze different teaching methods and classroom organization that can contribute to the co-construction of meanings. We face the research problem from: - By posing 'rich mathemaatical activities' that would allow the entrance into the classroom of situat6ed and out-of-school knowledge, and the explication of values, emotions and expewctations linked to the mathematical lerarning. - By grouping heteregenoulsy the students, as an strategy to favour the explicitation of the meanings attached to the norms and therefore the cultural conflict. - The teacher's role and her methods as elements to make visible the acceptance and valorisation of the diversity, in particular the cultural diversity; her role as mediator in the cultural conflict and in the process of constucing meanings.
Effective start/end date19/12/0019/12/03


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