Ecuaciones de estado y funciones de memoria fuera de equilibrio

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Recently, some thermodinamic theories, as Extended Irreversible Thermodynamics (EIT) have shown an intimate connection between the memory functions, which are related to the evolution equations of the dissipative fluxes, with the non-equilibrium equations of state. The aim of the present project is to study both fields with special emphasis on their respective connections, in view to widen and deepen the present framework of EIT. In the analysis of equations of state, we focus our interest on the chemical potential of fluid solutions under shear and on its practical and theoretical consequences on non-equilibrium phase transitions and on non-linear transport. Concerning memory function, we will explore the thermodynamic formalisms compatible with continued-fraction expansions and with streched exponentials, and we will consider their consequences on the transition from irreversible behav
Effective start/end date2/08/902/08/91


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