Ecologia de la dispersió en espècies mirmecocores mediterrànies

  • Espadaler Gelabert, Francesc Xavier (Principal Investigator)

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Ant-plant interactions in the Iberian Peninsula are poorly known. Seed dispersal by ants (myrmecochory) is a beautiful example of such interactions. Hypothesis on practical benefits for the plant are variable and discussed, depending on the plant species involved and the habitats studied. We plan to study the dispersal ecology of some euphorbs, both in the ballistic aspects (influenced by several variables: plant species, height, seed weight, capsule position and angle and intensity of explotion) and in the dispersal mediated by ants. Several populations of diverse euphorbs will be checked for its ant dispersers, following the phenology of plants (to seed maturity and dehiscence of capsules) and the activity of ant species involved in myrmecochory. Seed predation by granivores and possible plantation of seeds inside the nest will also be studied. Eleosome chemistry will be checked to cha
Effective start/end date15/06/9215/06/95


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