Easy Access for Social Inclusion Training

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EASIT is a strategic partnership of stakeholders from different fields addressing innovation in higher education, with a focus on one of the European priorities in the national context: social inclusion. EASIT originates from existing learning assets aiming to generate a comprehensive training ecology for the many accessibility professionals required in Europe to fulfill legal requirements and societal needs. EASIT builds on previous project results in easy reading (ER) (Pathways I, Pathways II) and media accessibility (ADLAB, ADLAB PRO, ACT, ILSA) and gives a step forward in the recognition of a new professional profile in ER that will join existing accessibility experts such as the audio describer (ADLAB PRO), the live subtitler (ILSA) or the accessibility manager for the scenic arts (ACT). EASIT aims to define the skills of the professional (or professionals) involved in creating ER content, with an emphasis on how already existing professionals such as audio describers or subtitlers could expand their skills to cater for innovative hybrid contexts in audiovisual media. In order to do so, EASIT aims to define a methodological framework for implementation, putting forward shared practices in ER in different European countries. EASIT will also produce recommendations on how ER could be integrated with existing access services in audiovisual media, going beyond the traditional ER emphasis on the written printed word. EASIT will propose a modular curriculum design to train ER experts, also considering the cross-fertilization with existing curricula developed as part of other strategic partnerships (ACT, ILSA, ADLAB PRO). It will develop flexible multilingual open educational resources, freely available, that will allow to train ER experts and expand the skills of other accessibility professionals. These materials may be integrated in different learning environments catering for the needs of various student profiles.
Effective start/end date1/09/1831/08/21

Collaborative partners

  • (lead)
  • Universidad de Hildesheim
  • Università degli Studi di Trieste
  • Dyslexiförbundet
  • Universidade de Vigo
  • International University SDI MunchenInternational University SDI Munchen
  • Zavod Risa, center za splo¿no, funkcionalno in kulturno Opismenjevanje
  • Radiotelevizija Slovenija, javni zavod RTV SLO (Slovenia)


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