Dona, treball i atur. Problemàtica psciosocial de l'inserció laboral de la població activa femenina

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    The progressive incorporation of women into the labour market produce innovation effects in the occupational structure, in the work culture, enterprise organization, in the unemployed active population composition, and in the effects of conventional policies of laboral insertion of unemployed. Some recent studies show that the psychosocial profile and the laboral culture of feminine active population (employed and unemployed) differs from masculine one. Neither working organizations nor political institutions of employment facilitation have ever considerate seriously this reality. The aim of the present research is to evaluate some of these innovation effects and to measure the distance between categories of thinking reality and very represented facts, specially in relation to: a) occupational roles of women in managerial and clerial jobs, b) feminine experience of employment and unemployment and c) women's laboral insertion programs efficacy
    Effective start/end date1/04/9131/03/92


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