Disseny i síntesi de receptors moleculars per a sensors químics basats en membranes. Estudi pretecnològic d'aplicacions a ISE's, ISFET's i materials fotosensibles

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The projec t tries to develop back contact ISFET's (Ion Selective Field Effect Transistor) based chemical analytic microsystems integrated in titration microcells for Flow Injection Analysis (FIA). The titration microcells will be developed by microfluidic mechanics techniques based on silicon micromachining. Chemical sensors used in this analytic microsystems are based on selective assisted plymeric membranes. These membranes will be made by implementingselective molecular receptors inside the membrane (liquid supported membranes) or bonding them by chemical reactions (solid membranes). The project also tries to develop active molecules to be used in selective potentiometric or optical sensor devices.
Effective start/end date1/08/9731/07/00

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