Disseny i realització de correlacions multicanals pel reconeixement òptic de formes.

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In this project we intend to design and to build some multichannel correlator prototypes for the optical pattern recognition. These correlators have applications to artificial vision, inspection and quality control. The optical methods are able to work in parallel, and for this reason are specially suitable for image processing. The improvement of the quality and speed of the spatial light modulators allows us real time optical implementation of the correlators. In this project we will study firstly different multichannel setups, in which we introduce the information of the color or we use a battery of filters. Basically we will build two prototypes: a) Optical system to obtain in parallel the pyramidal decomposition of an input scene, b) compact correlator. The optical system for it will be designed. The electronic to control the spatial light modulator and the CCD cameras will also be
Effective start/end date1/07/9630/06/97

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