Disseny i implementació d'una solució global per al suport de serveis crítics en situacions d'emergència

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With this proposal we aim to design and develop a global solution to support critical services in emergency situations. More specifically, this project is going to address the problem of communication, distributed services, and logistics for the medical intervention in the field after tragic events. Victims tracking, peer-to-peer medical doctors support, access to wired network, and coordination are topics to be dealt with in this project (...). Incompatible heterogeneous system, centralised approaches, and heavywight systems are the main obstacles hindering the step forward of this technology (...). Our proposal is based on three main objectives: adapting a mobile multi agent system as a middleware for ad-hoc networks and distributed services, designing and developing distributed services using this middelware for medical assistance in emergency situations, and exploring the legal aspects to get a ready to use system. Security will also be one of our principal concerns, focusing on secure migration of code, resource access control and fault tolerance.
Effective start/end date1/10/0630/09/09


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