Disseny i avaluació d'instruments de Política Medioambiental

  • Sancho Pifarre, Ferran (Principal Investigator)
  • Creel , Michael David (Researcher on contract)
  • Cabeza Gutes, Maria Teresa (Investigator)
  • Farell Ferrer, Montserrat (Investigator)
  • Piñol Perez, Concepcion (Investigator)
  • Vegara Carrio, Josep Maria (Investigator)
  • Manuel Alejandro Cardenete Flores (Researcher on contract)

Project Details


The purpose of this project is to help improve the design and the forms of evaluation of the environment policy. About three lines of research whose common goal is to study the impact of the public intervention in the control and improvement of the environment are articulated by the project. In the first line of research, the specific goal is to analyze the paper and the capacity of the tax policy as a double mechanism of correction of externality. The goal of the second line is to analyze the theoretical bases that determine the superiority of the economic instruments on the regulators, making special emphasis in analyzing how the limitations in internalizing the externality can affect this superiority. Finally, in the third line of research, the goal is the collection of data and the estimation of models of the use of natural ranges which allow analysis of the benefits attributable to the existence of such areas.
Effective start/end date10/12/039/12/06


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