Disseny d'antígens vírics recombinants amb finalitats vacunals i optimització de la seva producció a escala de laboratori

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Design of recombinant viral antigens is a very useful tool for the development of subunit vaccines. However, the applicability of such a new vaccine is not only dependent on the protection conferred, but also on the facilities in producing and purifying the components at large-scale in a non costly process. The proposed work is the molecular cloning of structural gene segments from foot-and-mouth disease virus and rabbit haemorrahgic disease virus, and their expression as "beta"-galactosidase fusion proteins with an enhanced protection power, and with the possibility to be monitored during the fermentation and to be purified by an one-step procedure. The influence of the promoter and the genetic background of the "E.coli" host cells on the production will be evaluated, and the fermentation conditions optimized in order to increase the yield and reduce the costs.
Effective start/end date3/06/923/06/95


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