Dinámica demográfica i tranformaciones economicas en Cataluña (1717-1857)

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This research is about population dynamics and economic change in Catalonia from 1717 to1857.From a regional view the population of Catalonia has been characterized by its early connection between economic and social modernization and demographical change. This project aims to evaluate these connections between economic and demographical dynamics. The data available include, on one hand, series of vital events form a sample of Catalan villages and, for the other, a set of economic materials reated to production, standards of living and occupation coming from a large number of historical studies. The main topics analyzed will be: reconstruction of population trends and evalustion of different components of population growth;estimation of those patterns of economic growth suitable to the observed levels of population increase and the way of demographical responses to short fluctuations in standards of living, economic cycles and long run changes in the economic system.
Effective start/end date19/12/0019/12/03


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