Dinàmica transversa i linealització simplèctica de foliacions

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The theory of deformations, the main subject of our former project, enable us to begin the stury of topological classification of the dynamical systems in CP"sup"2. We have already obtained some partial results. This is very important subject, considered before for several mathematicians such as Gómez-Mont. We will also study rigid foliations (i.e. such that every near C**-foliation is C**-conjugated to the initial foliations) and the different complex structures on the product of odd-dimensional spheres. In relation with the symplectical linearization problem we are going to study the case of affine connexions on the torus, different from the Nagano-Yagi connexion (this case was study in the previous project) and the hamiltonian actions of torus on symplectic manifolds.
Effective start/end date27/07/9427/07/97


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