Dinàmica funcional de la cromatina

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In our laboratory we have investigated the mechanism of formation of nucleosomes and chromatin, and the properties of perturbed nucleosome structures potentially related with the biological function of chromatin. In particular we have studied the dynamic properties of the interaction of excess histones with chromatin and of the interaction of histones with single-stranded DNA. In this project we are planning to use physicochemical and recombinant DNA techniques to develop systems for extending our previous research to study directly the transcription and replication of chromatin in vitro. Taking into account the present interest for the knowledge of the mechanisms that allow the elongation of RNA and DNA chains in eukaryotes, as a general objective we will try to establish relationships at molecular level between our previous biophysical models about the dynamic properties of nucleosomes
Effective start/end date26/05/9331/12/95


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