Digital skills on Computational Biology for Health Professionals

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Healthcare is undergoing profounf changes, driven by Bioscience and technological advancements, demographic shits, and changing lifestyles throughout Europe, thus requiring medical doctors to expand their skills palette. In response of these challanges, BioS aims at advancing the digital skills of medical doctors throught the design, development and delivery of new modular vocational curricula on Computional Biology, as well as transversal skills, directly responding to skills need indetified by exisitng research evidence.
Effective start/end date1/01/1828/02/21

Collaborative partners

  • Epralima - Escola Profissional do Alto Lima
  • GOC German Oncology Center Limited
  • Skybridge partners outsourcing services
  • Enios Applications Private Company
  • Associació Bioinformatics Barcelona - BIB
  • Eurehva gmbh european recreation and health valley gmbh
  • BG Unfallklinik Murnau
  • HiDucator
  • Olympic Training and Consulting Ltd
  • University of Patras (Panepistimio Patron)
  • European Medical Association
  • Steinbeis University Berlin (lead)


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