Dienòfils \alpha-carbonílics cíclics en reaccions de Diels-Alder. Síntesi de carbocicles quirals polifuncionalitzats

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This project sets out to find synthetics routes for the preparation of a series of chiral polifunctionalised carbicyclical derivates. These compounds will be used as versatile precursors in the synthesis of a whole range of products of interest, such as nucleoside antibiotics, carbocyclical analogues of prostaglandines, perfumes, etc. The synthetic sequences proposed have in common the first phase, consisting of the Diels-Alder reaction of a conjugated gamma-lactone and an appropiate "die". Parallel to this syntetic work, a study, both experimental and theorical, will be made of the reactivity of conjugated lactones and cycloalchenones such as dienophyles. In particular, behaviour will be studied in the presence of heterosubstituted diens and facial selectivity, and the effect will be considered of catalysts and high pressure. Furthermore, the reactivity of different compounds related to
Effective start/end date13/07/8913/07/92