Diccionari bibliogràfic dels parlamentaris de Catalunya. Segona fase. Període: 1869-1901

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The first aim of this project is to continue and complete the research suport infrastructure which has been developed in the first period of the project entitled "The Catalan question in the Spanish politics of the 20th Century" (BHA2002-1307). In this first period a centralized system of documental administration has been developed in order to concentrate the bibliographical and documental information about her parliamentarians elected in Catalonia during the 20th Century. During this first period which will end in September 2005, we made an effort on the basis of field research in different archives and documentation centers; we have evaluated the bibliography an we have digitalized the Diario de Sesiones de las Cortes (Acts of the Spanish parliament). Currently, the first period of the project is at its last stage, which consist on the writing of the biographies of the parliamentarians who were elected in Catalonia between 1901-1923 and 1931-1939. The full set of these parliamentarians includes 778 individuals, 643 diputados (membes of the lower house) and 135 senadores (senators). The second period of the project here proposed plans to extend the analysis of the Catalan parliamentarians to the period of 1869-1901. This means to consider a similar number of individuals, 796 parliamentarians, among them 640 diputados and 156 senadores. The recollections of all these informations and their inclusion in our unique research support infrastructure should result in drawing up a Biographical dictionary of the parliamentarians of Catalonia(1868-1939), the edition of text books and prosopographical studies about the parliamentarians, the configuration of a Data Base about interventions in parliament, and the edition of an Electoral atlas of Catalonia (1868-1939). This project maintains contacts with other similar projects which are currently being carried out in the Basque Country, Castilla-León, Cantabria, Galicia and Andalucía. (...)
Effective start/end date13/12/0513/12/08


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