Diagnosis, epidemiology and control of an enteric myxosporosis of commercial Mediterranean fish - MYXFISHCONTROL

  • Crespo Gimenez, Silvia (Principal Investigator)

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Myxidium leei (Myxozoa) is an important pathogen of Sparus aurata and other fish
cultured in the Mediterranean, causing high mortalities both in netpens and in
land-based mariculture systems, with subsequent economicalimpact. In spite of
the relevance of this myxidiosis, there are important gaps in the knowledge of the
parasite lifecycle, transmission, epidemiology, mechanisms of infection and
immunology. The present project intends to evaluate the epidemiological status
of this disease in sparid cultures and wild fish and invertebrates by validating and
using a diagnostic PCR-assay, also useful to control its introduction and
spreading. The mechanisms involved in transmission, pathogenesis and
immune response are also studied in order to manage adequate prophylactic
Effective start/end date1/10/0230/09/05


  • European Commission: €899,954.00


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