Development of Sustainable Interrelations between Education, Research and Innovation at WBC Universities in Nanotechnologies and Advanced Materials where Innovation Means Business(WIMB)

  • Pellicer Vila, Eva Maria (Principal Investigator)
  • Brabazon, Dermot (Investigator)
  • Dr Gustavo Higuera (Investigator)
  • Dr Isaac Chang (Investigator)
  • Dr Prof Yiannis Tsompanakis (Investigator)
  • Dr Saverio Affatato (Investigator)
  • Dr Svetlana Pelemis (Investigator)
  • Dr. Matthias Schnabelrauch (Investigator)
  • Mr Julian Peña (Investigator)
  • Ms Consuelo Garcia (Investigator)
  • Prof Dr Danilo Nikolic (Investigator)
  • Prof Dr Miroslav Trajanovic (Investigator)
  • Prof. Dr Milan Sljivic (Investigator)
  • Prof. Dr. Nenad Grujovic (Investigator)
  • Prof. Kwang-Leong Choy (Investigator)

Project Details


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Effective start/end date1/12/1330/05/17

Collaborative partners

  • (lead)
  • Dublin City University
  • Screvo
  • The University of Birmingham
  • Technical University of Crete (TUC)
  • Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli
  • University of East Sarajevo (UES)
  • INNOVENT e.V. Technologieentwicklung Jena
  • Endor Nanotechnologies, S.L.
  • Fundación Universidad Empresa de la Región de Murcia ...
  • University of Montenegro
  • University of Nis
  • University of Banja Luka
  • University of Kragujevac
  • University of Nottingham


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