Development and application of a multi-criteria software decision analysis tool for renewable energy sources-MCDA-RES

  • Munda , Giuseppe (Principal Investigator)
  • Gamboa Jimenez, Gonzalo Andres (Collaborator)

Project Details


To develop a Software Decision Tool they'll enable the Multi-Criteria Decision
Analysis of RES investments and apply it in three case-studies.

Secondary objectives are:
- to promote RES in isolated regions under distributed generation and
deregulated energy markets;
- to map social preference of stakeholders in an energy-environment-economy
framework, to eliminate uncertainties and risk of new technologies;
- to assist with environmental protection and emission reductions;
- to encourage creation of new skilled jobs;
- to invigorate the EU's RES manufacturing industry;
- to reduce oil imports;
- to demonstrate innovative methodological solutions and their integration in
realistic operating conditions;
- to enhance the security and diversity of energy systems in isolated areas;
- to enable local authorities, non-governmental organizations, central government,
participating in Group Decision Analysis for RES investments;
- to promote internet-based exchange of technical and other expertise in RES
Effective start/end date1/01/0231/12/04


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