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DEPART aims to contribute to the concrete inclusion of migrants and refugees in Member States through the establishment of a structured and formalized way to consult migrants on policies that directly concern them called Self Advocacy teams (SATs). SATs are a flexible, rooted and participated solution to give TCNs empowerment and representativeness functional to their holistic integration in EU societies.
The project intends to create a path involving major stakeholders of inclusive policy-making processes in GR, IT, BG, SP (migrants refugees, policy-makers and practitioners), to develop and test at EU level a methodology successfully piloted among TCNs in Greece. The methodology is built around the concepts of integrated, evidence-based and participatory approaches leading to (1) assess the policy making processes with reference to TCNs inclusiveness in hosting society, especially to understand the obstacles to mobilization, representation and participation of TCNs (2) Empower TCNs on their rights and the potentialities of proactive approaches to local policy making as a step towards inclusion, (3) raise awareness and increase capability of policy makers and institutional officers about inclusive policy making processes, (4) implement pilot co-design policy meetings between the actors in play to test the cooperative and concrete process to be implemented after DEPART.
The results of the whole empowering and co-designing process will be evaluated by a robust impact evaluation plan able to deliver EU Member States an effective methodology and disseminated online and offline within a communication framework whic goes beyond the average projects' dissemination actions.
In doing so, DEPART in the medium and long run will contribute to the integration of migrants and refugees delivering Member States a
methodology proven in different areas of EU to increasin the participation of migrants to matters affecting them and making them owners
of new tools.
Short titleDEPART
Effective start/end date1/01/2231/01/24

Collaborative partners

  • Greek Forum of Refugees (lead)
  • Asociación Sociocultural de Colombianos para la Integración en Girona
  • Ajuntament de Girona
  • Leonardo Società Cooperativa Sociale
  • Comune Di Avezzano
  • Associazione Ares 2.0
  • Sofia Municipality
  • Council for Immigrans and Refugees's Integration
  • Council of Regugee Women in Bulgaria
  • Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)


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