Determinació i diversitat lèxica en llengües romàniques

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The aim of the present project is a formalised description of \b determination\b0 systems in romance languages (principally Spanish, French and Catalan) specifically for its implementation in automatic translation and documentation systems. Despite the large number of studies on determination, we can observe that automatic natural language processing systems have a particularly low \ul quality standard\ul0 concerning automatic generation of determiners. The purpose of this project is to improve this quality with an exhaustive \b linguistic formalisation\b0 based on the following conceps: -The determination is formalised not only in the frame of noun phrase, but also in the more general frame of \b simple phrase \b0 and \b interphrastic relations.\b0 That is , the central predicate of a phrase and the relation predicates between simple phrases are considered to have a basic influence in the selection of the determiners. -The determiners are studied from a \b lexical perspective\b0 and this supposes the creation of large coverage \ul electronic dictionaries and local grammars\ul0 according to semantic classes of substantives. -Particular attention is paid to \b computer implementation\b0 of the description and to interlinguistic correspondences
Effective start/end date1/12/021/12/05


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