Detecció precoç de trastorns d'ansietat en nens de 3 a 12 anys

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The aim of this study is the early detection of anxiety disorders so as to prevent the continuity of this pathology into adolescence and adulthood. The field survey will cover four samples of child populations: a preschool sample of normal children (3-6 years) a psychiatric sample of preschoolers, a sample of 7-12 years-old schoolchildren and a clinical psychiatric sample of children aged 7-12. A two-stage sampling procedure will be used. During the first stage, the ECI-4, the SCI-4 and the HoNOSCASR will be used as screening instruments. During the second stage clinical assessments of the children will be carried out. Each child selected as positive in the first stage will be intensively interviewed. A comparison group randomly selected from school populations will be also interviewed. Complementary information from parents teachers and clinicians will be collected
Effective start/end date31/12/0431/12/07


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