Desenvolupament i aplicació de procediments quimiomètrics a l'anàlisi química mitjançant mesures espectrofotomètriques

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The aim of the project is the development and application of chemometric procedures of multivariate analysis to the chemical analysis of real samples in both liquid and solid phase. That objective implies: a) recording a multiparametric signal containing the necessary information about the sample; b) mathematical treatment of that signal. This second step will be performed with a double purpose, namely, qualitative (identification, characterization and classification of the studied samples) and quantitative (resolution of mixtures in their individual components). Near infrared spectroscopy (NIR) will be used as detection system for solid samples, the main purpose of this project, where as for samples in liquid phase, abserption spectrophotometry UV-VIS, middle and near infrared (IR and NIR) and fluorescence will be used, depending on the nature of the analyte and the sensitivity required
Effective start/end date24/09/9129/09/94


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