Desenvolupament històric de la física de partícules i camps

  • Garcia Doncel, Manuel (Principal Investigator)
  • Roqué, Xavier (Scholar)

Project Details


We intend to investigate certain topics related to the historical development of present high-energy physics which have not been paid enough attention in the historical literature. These topics refer to the processes that culminated in the discovery of subatomic particles (from the establishment of the photon to the proposal of quarks), and also to the formulation of the electromagnetic, weak, and strong, quantum fields. In its historical development, we look at high-energy physics as heir of three preceeding disciplines: radioactivity, nuclear physics, and cosmic radiation. It was developed by various research schools, which focused on different problems and organized their laboratories in different ways. Its progress demanded a constant interplay between theory and experiment, related to the emergence of news particles and new fields. We will search, analyze, and connect primary source
Effective start/end date26/05/9331/12/96


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