Desenvolupament d'un programa d'educació sanitària per a la fibrosi quística. Disseny d'estratègies d'intervenció conductual en nens i en adolescents

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    Study objective: development of a health education program and design of psychological intervention strategies to influence changes in environmental, cognitive or behavioral factors, increasing the adherence to medical advice and psychosocial adjustement of patients C.F. Design: Part 1: correlation problem. Part 2: multielement baseline design. Setting: Catalonia (Spain). Patients: Catalan population C.F.: 189 children and adolescents and their parents. Control group: 189 children and adolescents without C.F. Interventions and measurements: Part 1: social behavior (RPA, Forns; BAS Silva). Cognitive behavior (LOC, Nowicki; CSCS, Piers-Harris). Emotional disorder (CDI, Kovacs; RCMAS, Reynolds; QRS, Holroyd). Behavioural problems (CBC, Achenbach; CFPC, Sanders). Severity of illness C.F. patients (Schwachmann). Part 2: development of a health education program. Implementation and evaluation
    Effective start/end date1/01/9431/12/96


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