Desenvolupament d'un procés integrat de producció i purificació d'anticossos monoclonals mitjançant el cultiu d'hibridomes en bioreactors

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The project focuses on the development of an integrated process for the obtention of monoclonal antibodies by hybridoma culture in bioreactors and its purification. It is planned to study three different interacting factors: the use of serum-free medium, the application of different culturing systems (including the use of immobilized cells) and the system for the antibody's purification. In order to complete the global knowledge on the culture-purification system, its monitoring and modelling will be studied. The main objective of the project is the systematic analysis of the process from the engineering scope, in which the effect of different operational variables is studied, and the development of a general methodology to be used in different cases. The study case on which the project will be elaborated are hybridomas secreting antibodies against antigens of the ABH system.
Effective start/end date1/08/911/08/94


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