Desenvolupament de tecnologies avançades per a l'obtenció de nous materials

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The overall objective is the study of: a) amorphous powders of iron, nickel-metalloid (P, Si, B) alloys with special emphasis in the optimization of parameters characterizing the mechanical alloying process and later heat treatment needed to induce low coercivity and magnetic losses; b) intermetallic compounds obtained in the disordered state by rapid solidification and mechanical alloying and later analysis of the kinetics of ordering; c) cesium fluorozirconate and trivalent indium fluoride as halide glasses for optical fibers, with special attention to the glass-forming tendency and crystallization kinetics control; d) difussion mechanisms of oxygen and oxidation kinetics in thin films of silicon carbide obtained by CVD. All these studies will be undertaken in collaboration with other groups of research.
Effective start/end date5/06/925/06/94


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