Desenvolupament de tecnologies avançades per a l'obtenció de nous materials

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The overall objective of the group is the development of rapid solidification and mechanical alloying to obtain permanent magnets, intermetallic compounds, coatings and superconducting materials. Permanent magnets based on Rare Earth-Iron will be studied. They will be obtained by the rapid solidification route followed by controlled crystallization to get the desired magnetic properties. For intermetallic compounds the kinetics of ordering L1"sub"2 systems will be studied. Disorder will be introduced by quenching or mechanical milling. Coatings of silicon carbide will be obtained by CVD. Their oxidation kinetics in oxidizing environment will be determined. Finally, the formation of oxide superconductors of Tl-Ca-Ba-Cu-O by the rapid solidification route and further oxidation will be studied. All these studies will be undertaken in collaboration with other groups of research.
Effective start/end date22/11/9022/11/92


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