Desenvolupament de sistemes d'informació geogràfica per a la gestió de les àrees de muntanya

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This project of research establishes a process of conceptual design for geographical information systems (GIS) adapted to specific needs. Attending to the need to consider space and environment as specific, we will focus our work on the application of GIS to mountain areas because of their very differentiated territory. In order to design this type of GIS we will develope six sectorial studies, in an integrated form, which will try to configurate a general model of land management of the mountain areas. The objective is to develope a methodologic and theoretic body of knowledge around the multipurpose of a local GIS which allows us to elaborate and develope a database helping local institutions. The most interesting elements are land-use changes and management of environmental resources.
Effective start/end date23/07/9123/07/94


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