Desenvolupament de protocols d'interès diagnostic mitjançant espectroscòpia de ressonància magnètica nuclear. Aplicació a l'estudi del metabolisme de teixits excitables i recerca de marcadors tumorals

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We want to profit from the non-invasive nature of NMR to obtain information about metabolic processes taking place in intact living beings. 31P and 1H will be the nuclei used both in the methodological development and in the experiments with biological systems. We want to increase the temporal resolution of the two dimensional (2D) proton experiments by incorporating the use of pulsed field gradients, combining them with a spatial selection of the observed volume. We will aply both, standard 1D and 2D pulse sequences already available and the ones developed in the project to perfused tissues, animal models and human biopsies to correlate: recorded spectral pattern, biochemical information contained and tumoral pathology or physiological change behind the variation of the control spectral pattern. It is expected that some of these correlations will be observable in vivo and, accordingly,
Effective start/end date18/05/9318/05/96


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