Desenvolupament de nous materials en tècniques de separació. Membranes líquides i materials cromatogràfics

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The present proposal aims to extent the current studies (MAT886/90-CO2-01) in the development of liquid membranes and chromatographic materials (functionalized polymers). Additionally, we propose new objectives that in the case of liquid membranes include: new characterization techniques: high frequency dielectricity measurements and optic techniques. Novel applications of liquid membranes: transport and separation of anionic species and development of optical sensors for anions. With respect to functionalized polymers, the new objectives concern with: modification of commercial resins to achieve better selectivity of the absorption process. New applications: affinity chromatography of proteins by employing immobilized-metal ion chromatography (IMAC) principles.
Effective start/end date17/05/9331/12/96


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