Desenvolupament de mètodes quimiomètrics d'anàlisi química. Aplicació al control de qualitat mesurades espectrofomètriques i electroforètiques

  • Blanco Romia, Marcel (Principal Investigator)
  • Bertran Gimferrer, Enriqueta (Investigator)
  • Gene Torrabadella, Jordi (Investigator)
  • Iturriaga Martinez, Hortensia (Investigator)

Project Details


In the frame of a research line with the basic purpose of the development of analytical methods characterized by a minimum treatment of the sample, capability to analyze several analytes on many samples and provided of calibration procedures that can be developed in the analytical laboratory and applied, later, on-line or in-line by using another instrument, this project has a double aim: a) the development of software; b) the development of analytical methods for multicomponent analysis, avoiding the previous treatment of the sample. Partial objectives included in the first point are the development of software to allow the transfer of calibrations between instruments, as well as the resolution of overlaping peaks in capillary electrophoresis with UV-vis detection, stressing on the determination of minor constituents in the presence of others species. The second point comprises the appp
Effective start/end date8/07/948/07/97


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