Desenvolupament de biosensors per al control de bioprocessos i bioinstrumentació analítica

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The development of various electrochemical and optic biosensors and associated analytical instrumentation for biotechnological process monitoring (glucose, urea, lactate, and penicillin) is proposed. The projected biosensors will be especially designed to be inserted in process flow analyzers. Electrochemical biosensor construction will be carried out by means of both conventional procedures and new mass production technologies (screen printing and ISFET). Regarding optical biosensors, conventional and SPR-type transducers will be developed. Surface plasmon resonance (SPR), fenomena allow a very simple monitoring of immunological interactions in real time. Finally, the best developed biosensors will be used to construct, evaluate and optimize prototypes of analytical subsystems for on-line control of bioprocesses. These subsystemes will be based on FIA techniques (flow injection analysis
Effective start/end date20/05/9331/12/95


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