Desenvolupament de biosensors i bioinstrumentació analítica basats en biomaterials compostos.

  • Alegret Sanromà, Salvador (Principal Investigator)
  • Jurkiewicz Gonzalez, Marek (Scholar)
  • Santandreu Vilajosana, Marta (Scholar)
  • Cespedes Mulero, Francisco (Investigator)
  • Fabregas Martinez, Esteve (Investigator)
  • Sole Suner, Silvia (Investigator)
  • Galán Vidal, Carlos Andrés (Scholar)
  • Morales Pérez, Adriana (Scholar)

Project Details


This project proposes the development of some new biocomposites of graphite-polymer-enzyme type, especially designed for the construction of electrochemical biosensors. It's pretended to demonstrate that these materials are specially useful for massive production of amperometric biosensors through screen-printing techniques and that the same manufacturing process can be extended to that of potentiometric sensors and biosensors. This project also broaches the critical problem of the regeneration of immunological material in the sensoring surface of immunosensors and proposes different strategies such as that one based on biocomposites of graphite-polymer-immunoespecies type to solve it. Lastly, the project carries out the design and optimization of an automatic analytical biosystem as an example of the use of the sensors and biosensors developed in advanced analytical instrumentation.
Effective start/end date1/07/961/07/99


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