Desarrollo turístico rural y revalorización sociocultural y medioambiental en Cataluña, Galicia y Islas Baleares.

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This project aims to analyse the various forms of rural tourism which are developing in Spain. The study focuses on three regions which exemplify different stages of development, namely catalonia, Galicia and the Balearic Islands. The following topics habe been selected for detailed analysis: 1 - The evolution of the relevant laws and regulations in each region, and their consequences, as seen in the resulting froms of rural tourism. The principal effect is the heterogeneity of the product, which generates problems for marketing. 2 - The development of complementary activities, which encourege the necessary diversification of the economy, given that rural tourism alone is insufficient to generate dynamism in rural areas. The enhancement of rural heritage can, at the same time, induce the socio-economic and environmental redefinition of the region. 3 - Proposals for professional training, on the one hand, and for the classification of units according to quality and services, on the other, so that rural tourism can play a dynamic role at local level.The final, overall objective is the definiton of formulas to achieve cohesion among the various autonomous communities, which would mitigate the fragmented nature of the rural tourism "product"and, hence, make it better known and more sellable.
Effective start/end date19/12/0019/12/03


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